Building a brand that keeps cycling sacred


Velominati, an online cycling community, needed a brand strong enough to support their vision – to maintain and protect the purity of cycling.

When developing the Velominati brand, I ensured the original vision of the community would be maintained throughout the ideation, conceptualization and design process. The identity was designed to be flexible for applications to a variety of mediums and objects such as a team uniforms, glassware and bicycle components. We wanted to maintain a reverence for the past while not constraining an outlook on the future. When developing the logo, I used a cycling cog as a protective spiked wall around the first letter of the brand name as a way to reinforce the slogan “Keepers of the Cog.” The identity color system is a modern interpretation of the well known and renowned professional cyclist Eddy Merckx’s classic Molteni cycling team colors from the early 70’s. The diagonal striped pattern is a direct reference to the diagonal hazard warning stripes found in european and american roadway signage. Indirectly, the stripes function as a reference to a jet engine turbine when presented in circular configurations.



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Karsten is very easy to work with; his attention to detail, sense of humor, and collaborative nature make working with him an absolute pleasure.
— Frank Strack, Founder, Velominati

Brand Identity

Brand Identity


Cobbled Classics Tour Promo Items

Fantasy Cycling Identity Badge System

Fantasy Cycling Identity Badge System

Racing Kit

Racing Kit

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Website Homepage