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When looking for ways to extend it’s brand reach within the software development community, The Nerdery, one of the largest interactive development firms in the United States, set it’s sights on creating a software title that helps developers develop software itself.

The Nerdery’s mission to empower interactive developers meant that any software having their name attached to it, would require a successful launch. I worked with the software development team to gain a clear comprehension of the application’s goals and abilities and then translate them into a product name and user experience design. The application’s brand was further developed with an application icon and visual design that integrated The Nerdery’s vintage science identity theme. For the product launch, I designed a promotional website and Mac App Store preview images. The application launched with and continues to maintain a high rating among customers.


The Nerdery

Project Type

• Desktop App


• Creative Direction
• Brand Identity
• Graphic Design
• Interaction Design
• Interface Design

App Icon

App Icon

Promotional Website

Promotional Website