Designing a winning bicycle paint and color scheme


Off-road competitive cyclist Geoffrey Grosenbach wanted to make a statement on the race course. He needed a bike that carries his personal brand across the finish line in style.

I worked with Geoffrey to establish initial goals and define frame builder and painter specifications. A month of design iterations ensued as we refined the color scheme into a frame paint design. We then went through a process of selecting parts that conformed to the rider’s functional requirements while maintaining the integrity of the frame paint design.


Geoffrey Grosenbach

Project Type

Bicycle Graphic Scheme


• Art Direction
• Graphic Design

I’ve worked with some of the world’s best designers and none of them compared to the experience I had working with Karsten.

He was well organized from start to finish and kept the project moving and on budget even with multiple change requests from other parties involved in the project. His communication from the very beginning gave me confidence in his abilities. He did a great job walking me through the other side of the creative process.
— Geoffrey Grosenbach, VP of Open Source, Pluralsight
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